Hello! We are bumpsnbabies. Sharon, Katheryn, Jade, Michelle & Katie; five midwives from the beautiful city of Bristol, UK.  As well as being practising NHS midwives we also teach Hypnobirthing, Newborn Baby Care and offer Breastfeeding Support.

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 During our own pregnancies we found the thought of giving birth quite daunting. As midwives we knew too much about the possible complications that could arise during pregnancy and birth which meant we were scared of birth…. but hypnobirthing changed everything!

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We support natural birth and breastfeeding but we don’t want women to feel guilty for their choices and experiences. Having a natural birth or breastfeeding doesn’t make you a superior being or a better mother. All mothers should be praised cos we know you really are doing the hardest job in the world!

Sharon, Katheryn, Jade, Michelle & Katie xxx

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