Why do pregnant midwives seek out hypnobirthing?


It’s true that more and more pregnant midwives are seeking out hypnobirthing, but why?? Right here goes…. pregnant midwives seek out hypnobirthing for their own births because…. IT WORKS.

Here at bumps ‘n’ babies we don’t often feel the need to bang the drum for hypnobirthing, cos there’s no need to really. Bookings are on the increase mainly due to word of mouth and the fact that hypnobirthing is becoming more recognized as a good birth preparation course, plus the research also shows – IT WORKS.

Now there’s some folk out there that feel hypnobirthing white washes over the truth about giving birth. They feel we set women up for failure by focusing on normal birth without giving much focus to ‘the other stuff’ that ‘might happen’. They think that we don’t truly prepare women for all eventualities.

But let’s go back to the pregnant midwives here…

When a midwife becomes pregnant everyone expects her to just get on with it, people think  she won’t need to attend a birth prep course cos she knows everything there is to know about birth. It’s her job. She sees babies coming out of women’s bodies on a daily basis. She knows her options on where she can give birth. She’s aware of the statistics, research and clinical guidelines that will impact on the care she receives. She knows what can go wrong. In the eyes of many she is ‘fully prepared for all eventualities’. She has witnessed the full range of birth experiences, she knows what ‘might happen’, so why does she seek out hypnobirthing?? Because she knows hypnobirthing will improve her overall  experience of pregnancy and birth and that even if she does need some help from the docs to give birth, hypnobirthing will make a huge difference!

Giving women just statistics, facts, and telling them what can go wrong does not necessarily ‘prepare’ a woman to give birth. Women aren’t stupid, they’ve heard the word stillbirth, they know a percentage of women will need a caesarean section and that nothing is set in stone as to how things will go on the day they give birth. They know there’s a ‘thing’ called an epidural – if they want one they can ask for one.

We teach hypnobirthing because of the hypnosis element, it’s what we love the most. Throughout the course not only do we look at the physical aspect of giving birth, we also focus on the power of the mind and how this can shape a woman’s birth experience both physically and mentally.

We’re not knocking other birth preparation courses out there, hypnobirthing won’t be to everyone’s taste, the fact that women have a choice of birth prep courses out there is a good thing. Women helping other women to give birth and have a positive experience is what it’s all about. But the reason that we don’t focus on ‘all that other stuff’ is cos it brings about the beast that is fear, and the physical responses within the body when the sympathetic nervous system is triggered by fear are not helpful to pregnant and labouring women. This is fact.

We’ve taught many doctors as well as midwives, the medical bunch seem to benefit the most from hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing gives them the confidence to believe they can give birth without assuming that they will almost certainly need some help, and we remind them of the findings of the birthplace study – that ‘giving birth is generally very safe.’

Someone asked me only the other day – How do you define that hypnobirthing ‘works’?

Good question. Onto the research…

Hypnobirthing is still a relatively new concept so there isn’t masses of research on it, however what research there is, is promising. Some of the research trials looked at birth outcomes, whilst others focused more on pain management.  The findings of several trials shows that although the normal birth rate remains roughly the same; there is a significant rise in the instrumental birth rate due to a significant drop in the caesarean section rate, basically more vaginal births happen with hypnobirthing!

What seems to be a recurrent theme is that the women that had attended a hypnosis for childbirth course such as hypnobirthing, regardless of whether or not they requested an epidural or needed some medical assistance to give birth, reported more positive birth experiences. In short – hypnobirthing rocks!

So (here comes the shameless plug in this blog post), just as we’ve embraced the power of hypnosis for birth we’ve also applied the same concept to our new breastfeeding workshops. We’ve given focus to the mind – body connection, which as most breastfeeding mothers will tell you cannot be underestimated. As well as teaching pregnant women about the principles of breastfeeding and addressing the technical hitches that MAY crop up along the way, such as sore nips, over inflated boobs etc.( you see we are keeping it real!)  we’ve also incorporated relaxation and breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations, all to encourage the flow of the necessary hormones for a positive breastfeeding experience.

Our first breastfeeding workshop will be held at Cossham hospital, run by the lovely experienced midwife Katie, on the 22nd of November, 7-10pm.

So if you’re a pregnant midwife reading this and wondering whether you should seek out hypnobirthing, the answer is – hell yes!! As the saying goes – there’s more than one way to cook an egg and there’s more than one way to give birth, so why not hypnobirth!


Sharon xx


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