Opinions are like arseholes – everyone’s got one!

bartMidwives have plenty opinions about the business of giving birth. In the same way that blokes seem to have plenty of opinions when it comes to football. Check out what’s trending on twitter on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll get the jist. Nothing like a penalty to get a man ranting on about their opinions of the refs opinion of that foul. And that’s the thing, when people feel passionate about something, something that matters a lot to them then queue the opinions. If you’re not arsed about something then you don’t tend to have an opinion to spout. Ask a bloke for his opinion on the dress you’ve just bought and they tend to mutter something like ‘yea whatever you think love’, they’re really not arsed, they have no opinion. Ask a midwife what she thinks about an episode of One Born Every Minute and stand back, here we go, here come those opinions!!!! Yea but no but, yea but no but……

And it’s not just midwives, anyone involved in the business of birth has an opinion, it seems we’re an opinionated lot! For example:

The fantastic French male obstetrician Michel Odent loves a water birth, he also has his opinions on fathers at the birth, something along the lines of – they’re a bloody nuisance, they interrupt the flow, keep ‘em out the birth room, send ‘em all down the pub.

The American sceptical OB Amy Tuteur loves a caesarean section and has her opinions on homebirths, something along the lines of – women that choose to give birth are playing Russian roulette with their lives.

Two very different people with very different opinions. I guess they’re entitled to their opinions.

And it seems these days that everyman and his dog reading the daily mail also has an opinion on childbirth judging from the comment section, here are  just a few examples of articles that recently got the juices flowing, along with a few comments from Joe Public :-

Should women be entitled to an elective caesarean section through choice?

‘No way it costs the NHS too much, they should get on and bloody well push it out!’ Dennis32, Ipswich

‘Well if a caesarean is good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for me, it’s not that I’m too posh to push, I’ve paid my taxes, give me my caesarean, my body my choice !’ Ruth, P, Essex.

Giving birth under hypnosis, does it work?

 ‘I’ll believe hypnobirthing works when I see a man volunteering to use it during a vasectomy.’ Janey, London

‘Yes hypnobirthing works, I had an easy, enjoyable labour thanks to hypnosis, – hypnobirthing rocks!!’ Mummyyummy31, UK

And wait for it, here comes ‘the big one’ –

Breast is best or is bottle feeding just as good?  Like a hand grenade going off, seems everyone’s got an opinion on that subject, let’s not even go there!

And what do I think?  Well, If you ask me what I think about hypnobirthing I’ll tell you my opinion, don’t be offended though if you don’t like my answer, it’s nothing personal, it’s just my opinion. But please don’t bother asking me what I think about Arsenals latest signing, I’m no football fan, I’m clueless when it comes to the off side rule, so I’ve no opinion, I’m really not arsed. That’s Arsenal – not arsehole, no pun intended!

Oh and please feel free to post your opinions on this article; they are after all just your opinions 😉

Sharon x



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