The Labour Survival Kit


For friends who are due to give birth we like to make them a labour survival kit as a present. This would be a great gift for a baby shower.  Or for yourself if you are preparing to give birth. Most items are also useful for after the birth too.

Here is what we include;

    • A flannel – The most useful tool for labour.  Hot for lower back, and to cover bump in the bath. Cold to mop brow, neck.
    • Lavender oil – Few drops in pool or bath or in oil for a massage.  Also helps healing after the birth added to the bath or on your pad.
    • Rescue Remedy – calms and soothes
    • Glucose energy tabs, Isotonic drink, sweeties, honey – To give you energy when you are flagging.
    • Small spray bottle – can fill with cold water to spritz your face
    • Lip balm – mouth gets very dry with gas and air
    • Paracetamol – Great for early labour and after the birth
    • CD of relaxing music – may also help settle baby
    • Mini bottle of Prosecco – to celebrate afterwards!
    • Dark chocolate – to boost iron level after the birth
    • Raspberry leaf tea – Nourishing, helps uterus to contract in labour and after the birth


Katheryn x


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